Course A (24 months): 8,000 euro

Course B (18 months): 7,000 euro

Course C (12 months): 6,000 euro

Course D (2 months): 5,000 euro

AN Sport Agency courses include

  • Air Ticket from the destination of player’s country to Thailand
  • Airport pick up at arrival
  • The cost of accommodation (apartment room) for maximum 2 months
  • Group Training Session duration of transfer window registration (FIFA CALENDER)
  • Sport gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Uniform and training kits


AN Sport training program for player aged 16-30 showing their talents in a professional environment and get more experience to be a professional player in the major Asian Leagues. AN Sport Staffs do not act as agent, but we will forward all your details to interested partied.

Considering to which courses or training program you prefer the most for registration,

  • Check the cost and make sure that it is inside your budget.
  • Complete registration form.
  • Complete payment.
  • Once we have received registration form and payment, we will issue your processing.

AN Sport Agency Training Program can support players to be ready for trial with clubs in Asian Countries for more efficiency. Also players can choose the appropriate program with 4 types various courses.

In the past, the average of players getting identified has been 20-25 years old in Asia. They are looking for a player ready to go into the first team and have an immediate impact.

Nearly half of male professionals world-wide earn less than 1000 euro a month , while three quarters of the total earn less than 4000 euro a month, if you are out of contract or this is your first contract it’s important to get on the ladder and look to progress the possibility of signing a big contract is very small . Players need to be realistic that Asia is a developing football continent and is not as advanced as in Europe.

If a player is injured at or before prior to the showcase and is deemed unable to play for more than one day, the player may attend a future showcase for a discounted rate.

Ability and attitude are vital to succeed. Also you need to be identifiable as a player and have an impact in the games. AN SPORT AGENCY provides the platform but you must deliver when you get on to the pitch.

AN SPORT AGENCY is not responsible for visas. Your booking is made in full to the necessary vendors and in the event you do not meet the requirements of attaining a visa. You will not be granted a refund. AN SPORT Program is only intermediaries for the exchange of the booking. The player should make sure that all visa requirements are achieve able by contacting or visiting the embassy or consulate, this should be done before making payment to AN SPORT AGENCY, If you are refused entry on arrival, no refund will be given.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a refund in case; you are unable to attend. However, AN SPORT AGENCY will transfer you an attendance to a later event this will be done with additional cost.

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